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          Jiangsu Myland Chemical Co., Ltd.
          With a registered capital of CNY421.5 million, Jiangsu Myland Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of new engineering materials, new refrigerants, chlor-alkali, high-purity refined hydrochloric acid, Methane chloride and fluorine-containing fine chemicals.
          Taixing Myland New Material Co., Ltd.
          Taixing Myland New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Taixing Economic Development Zone with a registered capital of CNY 500 million.?In 2016, our 10,000-ton tetrafluoroethylene monomer unit, the 6,000-ton Hexafluoropropylene device, the 4,000-ton dispersed PTFE device, and the 3,000-ton F46 device were completed and put into production; in 2020, the second phase of the 40,000-ton R32 device and 30,000 tons R134a, 20,000 tons of R152a, 60,000 tons of liquid calcium chloride was completed..?Our company takes fluorine-containing new materials and new refrigerant industries as its development direction, strives to create a benchmark for the fluorine-containing industry, and writes a new chapter in the development of Myland.
          Jiujiang Jiuhong New Material Co., Ltd.
          As a major leap in Meilan's transformation and upgrading of high-quality development, Jiujiang Jiuhong New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the chemical fiber industrial base of Lianxi District, Jiujiang City, with a registered capital of CNY 500 yuan. On December 18, 2019, the first phase of Item was successfully put into operation with a 300,000 tons/year ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, 200,000 tons/year Methane chloride, 16,000 tons/year tetrachloroethylene, 50MW thermoelectric devices, as well as supporting wharf including one 2000-ton chemical berth and 2 2000-ton chemical berths for bulk and miscellaneous items.
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